Solo Travellers

If you’re looking to reconnect with yourself and just be, there are few destinations that offer the kind of breathing space Marataba does for solo travellers. This place is exotic, tranquil and uncrowded, with more wildlife than people for miles.

Our lodges are unfenced, reminding you of their utter privacy – they are the only two within the 23 000ha concession. The only time you’ll be thankful you aren’t alone is when we walk you back to your suite in the night.

Rest assured, you’ll be well taken care of with us: our African hospitality is warm, yet unobtrusive, promising a stay that is luxurious, carefree, and unapologetically exclusive.

solo travellers


Set in solitude, Mountain Lodge is ideal for those craving peace and quiet. Though being smaller, it does invite getting to know your fellow guests – should you feel like company. Safari Lodge on the other hand is more social as a camp suited to a variety of guests – families, couples and solo travellers alike. Though numbers (38 guests at most) will afford you relative anonymity, if you wish. Either way, you’ll receive superb personal attention from our staff who specialise in tailor-making a safari to your needs.


Those choosing to fly solo will also love our small, intimate lodges for the uncrowded game-viewing that comes with the territory. At Safari Lodge, it can be made more private still by requesting a personal vehicle and field guide, at an additional cost. But if you’d like to share “There’s a _!” moments and cheers coffee mugs/gin glasses at refreshment stops, our usual six-person safaris are affable experiences by their very nature and could soon have you rubbing elbows with new friends.


The wonderful thing about taking yourself away is that your time is your own, to do as much – or as little – as you wish. Between the morning and late afternoon safaris, there are hours to read and sip on G&Ts, birdwatch from a deck chair on the lawns, float around the guest pool or put your feet up in front of the lounge fire… You can also choose when to be social – and when to enjoy your own company, perhaps with in-suite spa therapies and mani-pedis to look forward to.


Bursting with stories from home and safari to fill several conversations, we often find that guests join up tables and share meal times for the duration of their stays. But don’t worry, if this is not your thing, there’s a lot of privacy afforded by our dining venues, all with a view – useful if you’d rather be engaged by your surrounds than in conversation. And with our friendly staff, who know your favourite tipple and when to ask about your day, you won’t ever feel completely alone.

Thabametsi Treehouse

For the intrepid solo traveller, this remote hideout between savannah, mountains and sky might be the ultimate discovery. You can be sure you won’t be watching life from behind the glass here. Open to the wild, with animal calls all around, and globed by unchartered heavens, this is a far-out experience. But there is a picnic, comfy bed, and hot shower involved.