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Our Places

We consider each of our properties a second home, and this is how we want you to enjoy them. Our properties are a bit like our children, each with their own character, looks and charm and each filled with traces of who we are and what we love.

Our hotels and lodges were handpicked for their prime locations in the African bush, at the ocean and in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Certain properties in the More family have been handed down from generation to generation. Others took an incredible amount of passion and patience to find and to transform into the special and singular destinations they are today. Over the past ten years we have learned that our guests value what we value – those real experiences, which allow them to connect with a place, and keep it with them for a very long time.

Robert More



The Limited Edition Safari

Ivory Lodge has always been the understated jewel in the Lion Sands Game Reserve crown; a place where guests are in awe of her natural & simple beauty enhanced by the breathtaking views over the Sabie River. As travelling trends have changed, so has the style in which they are experienced and the time has come to take her into this new space where conspicuous consumption is giving way to more meaningful, personal and authentic travel experiences.

Each of the Villas takes its name from an indigenous bird. The Fish Eagle was Nick’s favourite and we feel, as in some traditional beliefs, that part of his soul stays with us through these birds found in abundance along the banks of the Sabie River.


Your contemporary Colonial Home

Just 9 Luxury Suites make the Tinga experience a personal one. Each has its own deck with plunge pool, and has been designed for maximum appreciation of the wild along the bank of the Sabie River.


Organic Chic

Perched among a canopy of 100 year old trees overlooking the Sabie River, Narina Lodge’s 9 Luxury Suites each afford complete privacy. Whether guests choose to spend time at their private plunge pool, reclining on the couch in the lounge, lazing on their bed with a good book, or soaking in a bubble bath, they will not be cheated of the breathtaking panorama.


The Soul Safari

At River Lodge, guests need not move far to appreciate extraordinary wildlife, or to marvel at the spectacular riverside view. We have tried to capture the entrancing spirit of the Sabie River,  and always smile at that moment when we see our guests forging their own connection with that special energy that cannot be seen, but can definitely be felt. Guests are encouraged to make River Lodge their very own private safari home, ensuring that the time spent on safari remains the highlight of their visit to South Africa.


Untamed and untainted wilderness

Madikwe Game Reserve is a 75 000 hectare malaria-free reserve located northwest of Johannesburg (an easy four hour drive) along the Botswana border. Madikwe Safari Lodge is one of our younger family members, and is very close to our hearts. With much love, patience and perseverance we have watched it grow and evolve into something that can only be described as bewitching. Just like the adolescents in our family, it possesses an authentic and uncontrived simplicity that is endearing and utterly captivating. Whether you are after solitude or companionship, romance or adventure, activity or leisure – our team cannot wait to welcome you.


Explore the Mother City

This is one of our favourite spots. Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel is authentic Cape Town at its loveliest – beauty, sophisticated charm and quirky personality in equal measure.Each of its fifteen bedrooms has been individually decorated, marrying a touch of yesteryear with contemporary chic and bohemian influence.Just like the city, oblivious to the world rushing by, Cape Cadogan has an almost hypnotic effect on the soul. You cannot help but sink a little deeper into your armchair, and just slowly drink it all in.

We invite you to experience the real Cape Town in timeless style!


Find charm and character in the heart of Cape Town

We immediately fell in love with this quirky street in the heart of Cape Town. We knew that families would like having their own space to relax and settle in, and that couples would love the discreet and romantic setting while still having access to the hotel’s services and hospitality. Just a stone’s throw away is a collection of boutiques, great little shops, local eateries, popular bars and beaches. Our guests are assured of easy access to everything on offer in the city, without compromising on the complete privacy afforded by each of More Quarter’s 18 luxury apartments. We invite you to share this authentic experience of Capetonian living.

The NJ MORE Field Guide College is our wish to continue a long legacy of passionate, highly skilled and authentic natural ambassadors – just like the late Nick More – who believe in conservation, and take pleasure in sharing it with other people. Programmes are available for aspirate Field Guides who are after their FGASA Level 1 accreditation (6 months to completion) and practical experience at a Five Star Lodge (an additional 6 months to completion). This is the ideal experience for those looking to further themselves in their careers, or for those wanting a truly extraordinary life experience, or a GAP year. Click here to learn more.