Marataba adventureMarataba private African safariMarataba adventure



  • Head out on foot for a bush walk with my Guide
  • Drink a glass of bubbles on safari while watching the sunset
  • Take a self-portrait at my favourite animal sighting
  • Enjoy a body treatment, distracted only by the sound of the birds
  • Enjoy a bit of retail therapy in the ONELIFE MORE boutique
  • Take at least one picture of an African sunset and sunrise
  • Take a walk around the lodge and see how many trees I can identify
  • Take a picture with my favourite team member
  • Take an unhurried cruise on Miss Mara
  • Lie back and look up at the Milky Way and spot some shooting stars
  • Have a private picnic in the bush
  • Dine under the Camel Thorn Tree
  • Join the Marataba Facebook page and become part of the family

On the menu for your pleasure is a smorgasbord of activities from which to choose. Whether game drive, walking trail, sunset river excursion, or a private dinner for two, there is never enough time to exhaust the many ways there are to love this place.

Ms Mara River Cruises offer a unique perspective of the bush.