Marataba Trails, the reserveMarataba Trails, the reserveMarataba Trails, the reserve

The Reserve

Marataba Reserve is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places we have seen, and we were left breathless when we first took it all in. Rich red mountain rock bears down on the verdant plains at its feet, and it is not hard to imagine a time long past when Stone Age settlers sought refuge in the sanctuary of Marakele.

Some of the interesting areas to explore include:

  • Pinnacle Iron Age Ruins
  • Bushman’s Gorge

Contrasting mountain landscapes, grass-clad hills and deep valleys characterize the park. Rare finds of yellowwood and cedar trees, 5m high cycads and tree ferns are some of the plant species you will find. All of the large game species from elephant and rhino to the big cats, as well as an amazing variety of birds (including the largest colony of endangered Cape vultures in the world, with between 600 and 800 breeding pairs) have settled here.


  • The Marakele Reserve is unique in respect of topography, flora and fauna.
  • Walking Marataba offers the only Malaria-free Big 5 walking trail in South Africa.
  • The variety of terrain and vegetation makes for a unique walking experience every time you leave the camp.
  • These are true wilderness trails, with no sign of civilization. It’s just you and the wilderness.