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Field guide diaries walking trails

The Field Guide Diaries – Walking Trails

Walking Safaris | May 7, 2019

At dawn, myself and another guide Russell Anderson met our two guests, and after an invigorating cup of coffee, we all set out for one of our morning walking trails. Trail walks give nature enthusiasts a great opportunity to enjoy the little things: the feel of the soil beneath our shoes, the wind on our …
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Family Vacation

Our Spontaneous Family Safari Adventure

Families | May 2, 2019

A spontaneous and family safari adventure is often how getaways for a few days happen, especially when a gap appears in our kids’ schedule. Recently returning on a Friday from a 10-day international business trip, I realised that my twins had an open weekend, which is a rarity in terms of their friends’ birthday …
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astonishing sightings

Astonishing Sightings of Marataba’s Big Cats

Cheetahs of Marataba | April 16, 2019

The past few weeks we have been treated many astonishing sightings, but one thing that has stuck out is the number of cats we’ve been seeing in trees! When one thinks of a cat in a tree, one probably assumes a leopard, which are known for this kind of behaviour. However, this has not been …
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cheetah's kill

Hyena Steals Cheetah’s Kill

Cheetahs of Marataba | April 11, 2019

Cheetahs are one of the smallest and most vulnerable of Africa’s predators. Because of their vulnerability, cheetahs are usually very careful and skittish, constantly checking their surroundings. Guests often enquire about this behaviour and we explain that cheetahs are very cautious in areas where there are lions, leopards and hyenas present – which Marataba has …
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Lion tracking

Behind the scenes – and sounds – of lion tracking

Lions of Marataba | February 22, 2019

One morning, all of the guests at Marataba Safari Lodge woke up to the sound of lion vocalisations. The impressive sound, which started at a distance, continued to get louder, indicating that the lions were moving closer. While my guests and I were having morning coffee, we tracked the audible movements carefully, hoping to go …
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loud nighttime stand-off

A Loud Nighttime Stand-off

Wildlife | January 28, 2019

Part of the experience of staying in the bush is the knowledge that you are completely immersed in it – something we were reminded of after a loud nighttime stand-off between animals. While Marataba Safari Lodge is fenced off, animals do occasionally make their way into camp. Our guests are usually delighted when this happens, …
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Get To Know Marataba’s Gawie Grobler

Our People | January 22, 2019

Field Guide Kim Le Hanie chats to Marataba’s General Manager of Operations Gawie Grobler, about his favourite spots on the reserve, his fascinating animal encounters, and more… Kim: Where did you grow up, and how did this all start. Did you always want to be a guide? Gawie: I grew up in Middleberg, Mpumalanga and …
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lion cubs 1

Uninterrupted Bliss While Watching Lion Cubs

Lions of Marataba | January 11, 2019

The guests on my vehicle were a small but varied group. One lady has been living in Africa for eleven years and has travelled to many lodges and reserves throughout the region. Her friend of over 30 years was visiting her from their homeland of Switzerland with her 9 year old son. We had a …
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