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The Beauty Is In The Details

“The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.”
Natalie Angier

The beauty of Marataba isn’t only in the obvious – the view of sweeping mountains around every corner, a lioness walking past a safari vehicle, or a golden sunset over the water – although those moments are spectacular in themselves.

Beauty is found all around, even in the smallest places. It’s in everything from the details of the smallest insects, to the intricate foliage, to the feathers of a bird, that make every moment.

We recently received a set of images from guests who visited our lodge, which perfectly captured the spirit of Marataba.

Please enjoy these photos from guests Caspar and Sarah Prestidge.

View of the Waterberg over Fish Eagle Dam.

The Beauty Is In The DetailsA Marataba lioness.

The Beauty Is In The DetailsA September sunset.

The Beauty Is In The DetailsA paper wasp.

The Beauty Is In The DetailsOne of Marataba’s most precious creatures, the White Rhino.

The Beauty Is In The DetailsA kudu’s ears may be their most distinctive feature.

No morning safari is complete without a coffee stop.

The Beauty Is In The DetailsLilac-breasted Roller.

  • Special thanks to Caspar and Sarah Prestidge for sharing these beautiful images.

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