The birth of a blue wildebeest calf

The birth of a blue wildebeest calf on safari, by Michelle Sole

Impala, wildebeest, and warthogs are just a few of the animals that give birth during the months of December and January at Marataba.

I recently took my guests to the large plains we have, where many animals come to graze on the fresh, lush new grass at this time of year. Wildebeest, impala, zebra and warthogs surrounded us, happily feeding with the stunning backdrop of the Waterberg mountains.


In the distance I noticed a blue wildebeest on her side. She appeared to be struggling. Through my binoculars I could see two legs and a nose sticking out from under her tail. She was giving birth!



These photos speak for themselves. My guests and I watched in awe as this small calf was born. After 4 minutes it took its first steps, and had its first drink at 9 minutes. The mother then lay down next to her new baby.




(Words and images by Field Guide Michelle Sole)


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